One of the most powerful synthetic steroids produced by the sports pharmacological industry today is Anapolon 50. The active substance of the drug is oxymetholone, which was used in the 60s of the XX century as a therapeutic agent. He was prescribed for anemia, osteoporosis, in order to stimulate muscle growth in weakened patients. When new drugs appeared that could cope with the listed diseases, the popularity of the steroid was reduced, but not for sporting purposes.

Produced by SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Anapolon 50 shows anabolic activity of 320% in testosterone, and an androgenic activity of only 45%. The steroid has an estrogenic effect, but not the conversion to estrogens for it is not characteristic. He is considered the most powerful of oral steroids. This led to the fact that the drug has not only a positive effect, but also toxic to the liver.

Effects of steroid Anapolon

Receiving a steroid has the following effects:

  • Increases the strength of the athlete.
  • Stimulates the growth of muscle mass. The steroid is considered the most effective among the existing ones. For the solo course, about 12-15 kilograms of musculature are typed. Even taking into account the dumbbell kickback, because of which the third part leaves after the cancellation of the reception, the result remains quite impressive.
  • Relieves pain and restores mobility of joints. It increases the production of synovial fluid, provokes a water retention in the body.
  • Reduces globulin, binding sex hormones (SHGG). Combination Anapolone 50 with other anabolic steroids enhances this effect.

Oxymetholone is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone. This substance activates the work of androgen receptors, which causes the appearance of a small estrogenic activity. This steroid also has progestant activity.

Reception scheme Anapolon 50

The steroid course is intended for men over 18 who want to increase muscle mass in the shortest possible time. The duration of use for beginning athletes is no more than a month, and experienced – should not exceed six weeks. Take Anapolon for longer than a month and a half does not make sense. The maximum effect of the steroid is achieved in the first 20 days. In addition, a longer reception has a negative effect on the liver.

The daily optimal dosage is a maximum of 100 milligrams. It is not advisable to increase the dose. This will not have any positive effect on the result. Lovers and beginners enough and 50 milligrams a day. It is not recommended to build a course “hill”. From the beginning to the end, you need to use a stable dosage.

Not only the rules for taking the steroid Anapolon 50 are important, but also the knowledge of how correct post-course therapy (PCT) is carried out after the drug is discontinued. To restore the production of their own testosterone, they take boosters, as well as other hormone-stimulating drugs, to which Tribulus refers.

To enhance the action of Anapolon during the course of admission, observe a sports diet for weight gain, adhere to a diet. Along with the solo course, the steroid is taken in combination with such drugs as Primobolan, Testosterone, Boldenon, Trenbolone. It is not recommended to combine Anapolone and 17-alpha-alkyl-steroid. This will result in a double load on the liver.

Possible side effects

Negative manifestations from Anadolon occur frequently, but in those cases when the recommended dosage has been exceeded. The main side effect of the steroid is liver toxicity. Blood pressure may increase, gynecomastia develop, too much fluid accumulate. Individual athletes have indigestion, a sharp deterioration in appetite, and nausea. sonic hedgehog protein ajo y prostata whey proteinas bodybuilders diet plan human chorionic gonadotropin australia healthy bodybuilding meals